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The Automotive School complex in an overview

The history of the Automotive School Complex in Bydgoszcz ("Samochodówka") goes back to the 1970s. Just then, in 1970, the Automotive Vocational School was founded in a building belonging to the Economic Secondary School.

There were 209 students trained in five classes and three specialities: car mechanic, mechanic - driver and electrical mechanic.

The School's development was dynamic, subject committees and the Student Government were established. In January 1972 the Automotive Vocational School took over the administration of the building in 63 Powstańców Wielkopolskich street. The chief task of the School became to launch subject workshops and cooperate with companies related to motorization in the sphere of practical student training.

The building's extension and modernization has been an ongoing process. As there are more and more challenges, the School faces a necessity to broaden its didactic background. The most recent phase of these activities was opening  an examination centre in 2013, building a new sports field and beautifying  the green belt surrounding the building.

Year 1972 was the time when the School Sports Association emerged to result in repetitive triumphs also on a national scale.

A developmental breakthrough was year 1973 when two new school types were brought to life: three-year Automotive Technical School  with a speciality in car repair and maintenance (for Automotive Vocational School graduates) and No3 Vocational Secondary School for vehicle mechanics.

In March 1974, in line with a decision by the Local Department of Education, the Automotive Technical School, Vocational Secondary School and Automotive Vocational School were transformed into the Automotive School Complex.

In February 1976 the so-called „Samochodówka” school celebrated the first pre-graduation ball in its history and in June the first graduation certificates were handed in.

In year 1976 a five-year primary education based Technical School was launched and since then for a number of years the Automotive School Complex consisted of the following schools:

-          Vocational School

-          three-year Technical School

-          five-year Technical School

-          Vocational Secondary School


There were 1052 students altogether, trained by 47 teachers working full-time.

The years that followed were a period of the students' and teachers' strenuous work, numerous accomplishments as well as events of major importance for the School. Next to our didactic achievements, a notable progress in the field of extracurricular work should be pointed out. Significant sporting successes, the activity of the Student Government, the carting, music, dance, bridge, tourist and poetry clubs allowed the School to build up a reputation and popularity in the region.

Since year 1992 until today, a Motor Vehicle Inspection Station has been operating on the School property and it is certified to service vehicles up to 3,5t.

Year 2003 belongs to the most recent history of the School. It is connected to achieving ISO 9001:2001 certification in recognition of the School's accomplishments to date and is evidence of its meeting the ISO standards for organization and quality of performance. At the time in Poland there were few secondary-level schools granted the certification and in the region we were the first to be so honored.

In year 2004 the school celebrated its 30th anniversary. It had educated 318 graduates of the Vocational Secondary School, 1282 graduates of the five-year Automotive Technical School, 766 graduates of the three-year Automotive Technical School, 3684 graduates of the Automotive Vocational School and 195 graduates of the Technical Secondary School.

In the following years the oncoming population decline, contemporary educational reform as well as new requirements imposed on schools have been challenges to meet in order to operate on the educational market. It has proved a period of trial but also of continuous development and certain achievements.  The School has consolidated its reputation with new initiatives and triumphs.

School year 2004/2005:

·         the Specialized Secondary School of Transport was launched with the faculties of road rescue and tourism/linguistics. Its students learnt how to be guides and organize trips, give the first aid, they practiced swimming, mountain climbing and diving.

·         the students of the Automotive School Complex came second in the team classification of the Youth Automotive Tournament.

School year 2005/2006

·         the School acquired a couple of computer labs, one of them with McIntosh equipment.

School year 2006/2007

·         a group of students won the Polish Automotive Technology Contest and the Automotive School Complex was granted the title of the Automotive School of Year 2007.

School year 2008/2009

·         the School started to actively participate in projects co-financed with European Union funds. "Vocational schools to start", "Vocational horizons" and "Traineeship - your investment into the future" are three programs that have been realized. Our students join extra classes, traineeships and paid practical trainings or go on trips. All these activities are aimed at preparing them to adapt to the job market.

School year 2011/2012

·         our students started international cooperation as part of Polish-German student exchange - Jugend Werk (DPJW).

·         the School's athletic representation came third in the Youth Sports Contest of Bydgoszcz.

School year 2012/2013

·         the process of the school building's thermal modernization was completed, new internal roads on the school property were built and its green belt improved.

·         the Automotive School Complex as a training centre for drivers was classified first in a ranking of passing the driving test at the first attempt. The ranking was carried out and published by the Regional Road Traffic Centre in Bydgoszcz.

School year 2013/2014

·         the School repeated its success from before 6 years becoming the Automotive School of Year 2013.

·         the School came fifth among the technical schools of Bydgoszcz in a ranking by "Perspektywy",  a prestigious educational magazine. In the same time we were classified as second in Bydgoszcz and ninth in Poland taking into consideration passing professional qualifying examinations.

·         our students won the title of the School of Mechanical Engineering 2014 in the Technical Knowledge Contest TECHWIM organized by the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz.

·         our students triumphed  in the Twentieth Polish Tournament of Automotive Knowledge patronized by the Association of Motor Vehicle Technology, Poznań International Fair and Modern Workshop. Additionally, the School became the Automotive School of Year 2014.

·         thanks to European Union funds the School acquired a set of devices for designing and production in 3D technology - a 3D scanner and printer as well as a set of computers and computer programs to launch a 3D lab.  

Nowadays the Automotive School Complex comprises the Automotive Technical and Vocational Schools. there are 67 teachers employed here and over 650 students attend the School.

We train in the following professions:

·         motor vehicle technician

·         motor vehicle mechanic

·         motor vehicle electrical mechanic

Also other classes are about to be started:

·         panel beater

·         sprayer

·         driver / motor vehicle mechanic

To the School belong the Motor Vehicle Inspection Station and a training centre for drivers. Each classroom is equipped in a computer and projector, access to the Internet is constantly provided for our teachers and students. There is a number of interactive whiteboards too. The school library is very rich in professional literature and our students' parents are invited to follow their children's progress and school attention by means of an Internet register.

The projects of "Vocational schools to start", "Vocational horizons" and "Traineeship - your investment into the future" allowed to equip our professional workshops with modern teaching aids such as a specialized driving simulator as well as world-class quality mechanical and electronic diagnostic devices. Additionally, we own and practically teach specialized applications such as MultiSim, LabView, Inventor, SolidWorks, EsiTronic, AutoData or Warsztat.

Since 2012 the students and graduates of the Automotive School Complex have been able to participate in paid traineeships in selected companies so that their employment potential has improved. Workshops are realized in modern motor vehicle services which allows our students to access up to date technical solutions in their professional filed and it teaches them to work with the public.

Practical training and car diagnostics classes take place in the state-of-the-art building of the examination centre. Our School's ambition is to remain a regional motorization centre where conferences and meetings with people broadly recognized in the automotive world are held.

The new post-1989 reality enabled us to travel and organize foreign trips of tourist and professional nature. Our students have had opportunity to visit a number of factories, e. g. BMW, the Mercedes centre and Volvo in Sweden. In 2013 a trip through Italy and Côte d’Azur reached as far as Spain. On their way the students visited the PSA factory in Mulhouse. In 2014 we went to see the factories of Hyundai and Ford in Turkey. Between 2009 and 2015 our students visited the biggest European motorization fairs in Paris and Frankfurt. According to our rule that each student should have opportunity to visit at least one car factory, we make yearly trips to Volkswagen in Poznań.

The School offers to participate in a variety of clubs and the Student Government. Our students are invited to support a number of charity events for the local hospice, blood donation station and the Polish Red Cross. We continue tight cooperation with institutions of higher education:the University of Technology and Life Sciences and the University of Economy. The School is a member of the Association of Creative and Active Vocational Schools.

This is the image that the School has created over the last 40 years of its activity. Founded on longstanding effort it is now entering a new decade supported by the experience of its employees and students. Each of the past decades ensures stability and impetus, just as a car wheel does, and opens the School to new horizons introducing "Samochodówka" into its future.

Members of management during the forty-year history of the School were in chronological order:


·         MSc Adolf Kubiak

·         Eng. Romuald Lis

·         MSc  Gerard Kolossa

·         Msc Eng. Janusz Tomas

Assistant headmasters:

·         MSc Marian Horwat

·         MA Henryka Konieczna-Ossowska

·         Eng. Mieczysław Kochman

·         MSc Henryk Barański

·         Msc Eng. Anna Piotrowska

·         MA Zofia Saternus

·         MSc Eng. Ireneusz Kulczyk

·         MSc Krzysztof Król

Currently members of management are:

·         MSc Eng. Janusz Tomas - headmaster

·         MSc Eng. Ireneusz Kulczyk - assistant headmaster

·         MSc Krzysztof Król - assistant headmaster

·         MSc Dariusz Średziński - examination centre manager 

·         MSc Eng. Jacek Wąsikowski - practical training manager

With this short text we just want to shed some light on certain events in the life of "Samochodówka" which, in our view, are of highest significance. Using information from our chronicles we have shown the School from the beginning of its existence, the stages of its development and the most essential achievements.

We have not described the outstanding effort and contribution of individual people as we do not wish to disregard anyone. All of these who have been employed here for the last 40 years have their unquestionable impact on the history of our School.

More detailed information concerning the history and current work of the Automotive School Complex can be found in other bookmarks on the School internet site.